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Buying at is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

Visualize the product that interests you. Through a click you will get an enlargement of the photograph. You can also check its description, size, reference and price.

Select a product and add the item to the basket. Then you can choose between continuing to buy or process an order.

If you want to continue buying, repeat the process. If you want to place the order, click on the button to place an order to start the purchase process.

Enter all the information requested, shipping address and billing and make sure they are correct.

Select a payment method: PayPal or Bank Transfer. With PayPal you can make purchases using the following forms of payment:

  • With the balance of your PayPal account

  • With your debit or credit cards

  • Charged to your bank account

Confirm the order and proceed, where appropriate, to the payment.

You will receive an email confirming your order.

PayPal allows you to make secure payments through your credit card without having to be registered in your system, offering multiple options and without passing bank data to the seller, thus offering maximum security in purchases. PayPal is a fast payment method.

A purchase made with a credit card can be paid in the hour following its confirmation. After that time, if the payment does not arrive, the order will be automatically canceled.

In which countries can you shop online?

Currently you can make your purchase in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Andorra. For any other destination, please contact us to inform you of the shipping costs.

Do you replace the items with the indication "sold out"?

If an item is out of stock, it can not be replaced. They are unique and original watercolors, but you can make a similar order through our contact form or phone.

How I can make sure I made my purchase?

Once your order is made, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive it, get in touch with us through our email

Can I remove an item from my order?

Yes. From the shopping cart you can delete the items you do not want as long as you have not processed the order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order by calling Customer Service +34 683 346 814 as long as we have not sent them.

What should I do if I receive a defective item?

We strongly recommend taking a photograph before opening the package, if it is seen that it has been mistreated, is ramshackle, semi open and, in general, has suffered damage, etc., to be able to claim from the carrier the possible internal damages.

Watercolors Teresa Santos only sells items in perfect condition and have optimal protection in their packaging to ensure arrival without damage to your destination, so if, exceptionally, you get an item with a defect contact us as soon as possible through our email or the Customer Service telephone number.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect item?

If on any occasion, by mistake, you receive an article different from the one you requested, please contact us through our email to resolve the situation as soon as possible.